Spring Home Organization

Home Orgnaization

Happy Spring! It’s time to get some organization for our year worth of clutter. Whether your just moving in, down sizing or you need to just manage your space better we’ve got the tips you need for a pleasant Spring.

Living room Organization

Papers and Magazines

If you’re like me you may have a huge collection of old magazines, mail, and papers. They can tend to pile up, literally! The best way to organize and get rid of old magazines is to recycle them. Lets be honest, usually, after first reading our magazines we do not re-read them. As far as old junk papers and mail, they can also be recycled. Always remember to shred important documents and papers. A great and inexpensive shredder is the AmazonBasics Shredder. It shreds up to 8 pieces of paper at a time and can also shred old or unused credit/debit cards and cds.

Couches, Ottomans, and Tables

While Spring cleaning many people tend to overlook their furniture. Couches, love seats, ottomans and coffee tables need love to! Clean and vacuum behind and under your furniture. Remove the cushions and vacuum under them as well. Don’t forget to vacuum under or even get rid of dirty area rugs. To give wooden coffee tables a nice shine dust them with Pledge. Windex works great for glass tables as well.

Fire places, Windows, Curtains, and Picture frames

Always be sure to dust ceiling fans, and blinds. Remember to wash all curtains, and to organize items in and on television stands bookshelves and picture frames. If you have a fire place be sure to clean it and dust off the mantle and any pictures, statues or objects that may be on it. A great product to use for dusting is the Swiffer Duster. The Swiffer duster has an handle that extends up to 6ft and is great to get all those high hard to reach places.

With these tips you might find that remote that’s been missing for a month! You may even feel a bit more comfortable relaxing in your living room!

Kitchen/Pantry Organization

Your kitchen can be one of the most unorganized rooms in your home, it is always a great idea to keep your kitchen cleanly, organized, and sanitized. As we all know, no one wants food from a dirty kitchen.


The stove is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. We all remember to clean the stove top, but what about the oven? This goes unsaid but many people forget or just don’t clean their oven. A good product to use for your oven is the product Easy Off. Easy Off is inexpensive and works great. A environmentally friendly option is using a paste made of water, baking soda, and vinegar. Let the mixture sit over night and scrub off the tough stains the next day. The mixture works wonders!


Always clean the inside of your cabinets. Get rid of spilled sugar, flour, or spilled angle hair pasta. Reorganize your dishes so that your festive and colorful spring dinnerware is accessible. Make sure to discard any products that you do not use such as empty spray bottles or cleaning supplies. Thoroughly clean out the pantry and refrigerator to get rid of expired food and dishes. Always throw away expired food. Do Not give expired food to others! For a deep cleaning of the refrigerator, take out the drawers and shelves to scrub any spills or food that may be on them. Dry the shelves and drawers then place them back in your refrigerator.


Toliet/ Tub/Sink

Time to get to the dirty work! The cabinets can be cleaned the same way you would clean the kitchen cabinets. Refer to Kitchen section for more information. The toilet, sink, and tub may be cleaned often. However, a deep clean is required every once in a while. This means cleaning the drains out as well. You may want to use a snake to get the balls of hair out of the tub drain. Boiling water can be put in the drain with the addition of baking soda then vinegar. After, cover the plug and then pour more boiling water in the drain. This is the most environmentally safe way to clean out the drains. Scrubbing Bubbles is a great product that can be used on the tub and sink. Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with the Clorox Toilet Wand are great products that can be used to ensure toilet is sparkling clean. Sweep and mop your floors. Do not forget cleaning any mirrors, walls, and baseboards.


Our rooms are where we rest, and reflect on our day. Having a clean sleeping space helps with better rest and relaxation.


During the spring we have a different wardrobe than we have in Fall and Winter. We can bring organization to our clothes by clearing our drawers
of winter clothes. Vacuum Storage Bags come in handy you can put your Fall and Winter clothes in these bags and have them put away for
Spring and Summer. Whats is great about the vacuum bags is that they are easy to put away they can fit in your closets and under your bed safe
and securely. Remember when you are going threw your shoes and clothing there are websites and places like Good Will that you can donate
your gently used shoe and clothing to. If you have a huge purse collection you can always buy and over the door purse organizer to hang your
purses on. That way you know just where they are and they are out the way.
Wash or dry clean any clothing or sweater used during the fall and winter ( hats, scarfs, coats, gloves, etc).
Clean out your drawers. Toss out any items that do not belong there, or that are not used. Make sure all clothes are folded and all socks have


Dust builds up around your home and your blinds can get pretty dusty. Dust the blinds and remember to wash or replace or wash your window
curtains. Dust off any wooden furniture you have in your room and wipe down any glass surface (tables, windows, mirrors, pictures, etc). Put up
any make up or jewelry that can be resting on your nightstands.
Empty your bedroom trash and clean and sanitize the trash can.
Last but not least, vacuum/sweep any carpeting or flooring. Clean your carpets if they are stained. If you can wash any area rugs or maybe even
replace them.
Mix your bedding up with bright and electrifying colors! Don’t be afraid to go out the box and try something new! Great colors to use for Spring are
greens, yellows, lavenders, white, oranges, and golds. Those are just a few great ideas that will have you walking into Spring with a new room.


Sanitize the whole home. This includes sanitizing any door knobs, handles, and remotes.
Vacuum and sweep every room of your home. This includes staircases and hallways.
Treat and clean any carpets with stains.
Wash all bedding, even in guest rooms.
Wash and sanitize all trash cans and or recycle bins in your home.
Replace flowers in vases out side your door or in your home.

Is this your spring cleaning routine? Let use know in the comments below

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